Media Roundup Week ended 4 October 2020

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Latest Cases Heatmap Analysis: 22 cases per 100,000 over-80-year-olds

Today’s analysis shows 22 cases per 100,000 in the over-80s population in England. To put this into context, the Government uses a rate of 20 cases per 100,000 in order to determine (with other factors) whether you should self isolate when you return from a country with this incidence of Covid-19. An interpretation would be: …

Coronavirus Media Roundup week ended 27 September 2020

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Coronavirus Media Roundup week ended 20 September 2020

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Civil Servants Write Things Down

One thing civil servants learn is to write things down. Here is Academy of Medical Sciences 14 July report commissioned by the UK Chief Scientific Adviser. For the record. It sets out what was known in July, and clearly sets out what the Government needed to do at the time. Straight off the bat, we …

Heatmaps of COVID Cases in England

Click here to link to Loughborough University press release Public Health England have released their data on cases split by age and week. We can turn these into a map visualizing the transmission of the epidemic through ages of cases and through time. We do this by plotting a three-dimensional chart, a heatmap, where the …

Should We Be Concerned About COVID Transmission In Young People? Yes.

The case numbers for COVID-19 have risen significantly over the last few days and are now at just under 3,000 cases per day. We have been told by Minsiters and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer that these cases are primarily in young people. So, why should we be concerned with COVID transmission in young people …